• We offer a different perspective from the air. UK wide, home & abroad.
  • Before, during & after photography of your construction project.
  • Aerial photography & videography to help promote your business.
  • High quality images of your own home. Kept private and secure.
  • All types of roof inspections safely and efficiently undertaken.
  • We can use aerial photography to help promote your property for sale.



Skyrise Aerial Media specialise in all aspects of aerial photography and videography. We can work with architects, builders, surveyors, construction companies, land-owners, farmers, local council's and more.

Our pilot is CAA approved, holding his Permission for Commercial Operation(PfCO), General Visual line of sight Certificate(GVC), and A2 CofC certificates. Our pilot has many hours of flying UAV's. Our DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is capable of shooting 4k video up to 30fps, 2.7k video up to 60fps, and FHD video up to 120fps. It also has 24-48mm Optical Zoom capability, and can shoot still pictures up to 12mp. And our DJI Mini 2 drone can film 4k video up to 30fps, 2.7k video up to 60fps, and FHD video up to 60fps. It can shoot high quality pictures up to 12mp. 

Whether we are in the middle of a remote woodland, or in Glasgow Airport's Flight Restriction Zone (with the appropriate permissions) we can instantly get pictures and videos from our UAV to your laptop via memory stick. Our UAV also transmits a live HD video feed to see real time image's during flight, which can enable us to get exactly the shot you require.

UAV photography is an extremely safe, cost effective, and time saving solution for aerial building and roof surveys. Save on the cost of hiring and transporting scaffolding, cherry pickers, MEWP's, and other associated machinery to prepare a site for access. And no Health and Safety worries for working at height, as nobody needs to leave the ground. We can operate up to 400 feet high, so whether its a church spire, wind turbine, HV power pylon, or a single storey industrial building, we can do this safely from the ground.

We operate to strict safety guidelines within our CAA approved Operations Manual recording maintenance, battery usage, flight times, pilot logs, and risk assessments. We are allowed to take off and land at least 30 meters from uninvolved people, then 50 meters from uninvolved people and buildings after take off. This can be reduced by bringing people and buildings on site under our control. We do detailed online site research to ensure safety and compliance, and if required pre flight site visits and risk assessments can be arranged prior to fight at a small cost.

We are fully insured in accordance with regulation EC 785/2004 (Article 2) with up to 1 million pounds public liability insurance available, which can be increased should your project require it.